A unique way to see the riverfront's fall colors

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October 10, 2005 // UPDATED 1:58 pm - April 26, 2007
By: David Brauer
David Brauer

Sure, it looks a little geeky, and it costs $69.95 a person, but trust us: seeing fall leaves along Downtown’s riverfront via Segway is a memorable trip.

And not because you’re terrified; the two-wheeled self-balancing gizmos really are so intuitive that a novice can pick them up, and the gyros keep you upright on terrain you might not expect wheels to handle. The tour operator, Mobile Entertainment, gives everyone a short lesson so you won’t find yourself rolling out of control toward the river bluffs. Once you’re over the wariness factor, you’re floating along as the leaves float down.

The three-hour tours (aye-aye, Skipper!) leave from St. Anthony Main, 125 SE Main St. Look for Mobile Entertainment’s “Human on a Stick” logo.

The company has 43 Segways and says they can accommodate groups as large as 70. Nevertheless, singles, couples and families can also roll out on the guided tours, as long as kids are 12 or over.

The tour route covers prime Downtown real estate. From St. Anthony Main, you head east along Main Street, past the Stone Arch Apartments to the Stone Arch Bridge;

crossing the span, gazing down on the rushing river and the massive lock, is one of the tour’s highlights.

On the Downtown side, you test your newfound skills on an incline leading to West River Parkway, and head west toward the Mill City Museum (admission is included in the tour price). The tour talks you past the area’s historic lofts, the Main Post Office, and North Loop condos, until you cross back over the river via the Plymouth Avenue Bridge.

From there, you do a few loop-de-loops in Boom Island Park, and cruise through Nicollet Island’s greenery. You go back past Riverplace on Main Street until you return to St. Anthony Main.

In recent months, Mobile Entertainment has included more amenities in its fee. For example, the $69.95 tour price includes a half-off entre/ at Pracna on Main, 117 SE Main St.

While the idea of schussing through snow in a Segway might tempt some, tours end Nov. 15.

For more information on the guided leaf tour and other Segway adventures, see www.MagicalHistoryTour.com or call 952-888-9200.