Man killed near Downtown ramp

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September 26, 2005 // UPDATED 1:58 pm - April 26, 2007
By: Jeremy Stratton
Jeremy Stratton

Less than 25 hours after the arrest of the man suspected in the Aug. 12 killing of Anthony Doyle near a Downtown parking ramp, another man was shot and killed a block from Doyle's murder.

Minneapolis Police Department Public Information Officer Ron Reier noted that the time between the murders -- Downtown's second and third of 2005 -- marked 40 hot summer days without a murder in the entire city.

That streak ended Sept. 20 around 4:30 a.m., when shots were heard near North 9th Street & Hawthorne Avenue. Police arrived to find 18-year-old Emmanuel Sieh dead from multiple gunshots, lying outside the entrance to the Hawthorne Transit Center, 31 N. 9th St. -- 150-200 feet away from the scene of the Aug. 12 murder.

Reier noted that that the two shootings are not related.

Police Capt. Rich Stanek said that Sieh and three companions exited a pizza restaurant in the vicinity of 5th & Hennepin to find the tires of their car slashed. After splitting off to look for a jack, Sieh was shot. Police did not know if the shooting was random or not. Stanek said that investigators have several good leads in the case.

Reier said the area -- which includes the Greyhound bus station, 970 Hawthorne Ave., and two homeless shelters -- is a crime hotspot, and people should be more cautious and alert in certain areas Downtown, especially when it is dark.

Doyle was a frequent resident of one of the area's shelters. Deangelo Davis was arrested Sept. 20 in Detroit for Doyle's alleged murder.

The Sept. 20 murder was the city's 40th this year, compared to 35 at this time last year. August of this year was a tough month for crime figures, Reier said -- a month in which the city saw six murders in one week, which makes the more recent 40 days without a murder significant.

"If you had asked me what type of summer it would have been, the truth would have been, 'it's going to be a tough summer,'" Reier said. "By mid-September, things slow down."