Primary sets stage for Nov. 8 general election

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September 19, 2005 // UPDATED 1:58 pm - April 26, 2007
By: Scott Russell
Scott Russell

Mayor R.T. Rybak and Hennepin County Commissioner Peter McLaughlin emerged victorious, as expected, from the 12-way mayoral primary election Sept. 13; Rybak had a 9-percentage-point margin, 44.5 percent to 35.3 percent, city returns say.

They will face each other in the Nov. 8 general election.

McLaughlin has heavy union backing, which can help in low-turnout primaries. Rybak benefited from the high turnout in Southwest's 13th Ward, which had a hotly contested City Council primary. Ward 13 voters favored Rybak over McLaughlin by 1,629 votes, or more than half Rybak's 3,032 vote primary-winning margin.

Ward 7, precincts 5-11, which cover Downtown, Elliot Park and Loring Park, gave Rybak a 359-vote edge, 822-463.

The election results are:


R.T Rybak 14,766 (44.5 percent)

Peter McLaughlin, 11,734 (35.3 percent)

Farheen Hakeem 4,596 (13.8 percent)

Mark Koscielski 585 (1.8 percent)

Don Johnson 422 (1.3 percent)

Dick Franson 269 (.8 percent)

Gerald James Savage 240 (.7 percent)

Marcus Harcus 147 (.4 percent)

Tim Nolan 140 (.4 percent)

Gregory A. Brown 108 (.3 percent)

David A. Alvarado 101 (.3 percent)

Gregory Groettum 93 (.3 percent)

City Council Ward 3

Library Board member and DFLer Diane Hofstede will face Green Party candidate Aaron Neumann, a Web editor and writer for Pulse of the Twin Cities, for an open seat in the general election. Ward 3 includes parts of North and Northeast Minneapolis, which includes Nicollet Island and the East Bank.

Diane Hofstede 1,063 (67.5 percent)

Aaron Neumann 278 (17.6 percent)

Julian Pishko 132 (8.4 percent)

Mike Ludwig 68 (4.3 percent)

Larry Leininger 35 (2.2 percent)

City Council Ward 7

Political newcomer Christopher Clark, a central services technician at the University of Minnesota, faces incumbent Lisa Goodman in the general election.

Lisa Goodman 2,338 (79.9 percent)

Christopher Clark 271 (9.3 percent)

Robert W. Halfhill 229 (7.8 percent)

Carl Myron Erickson 89 (3 percent)

Park Board at large

The nine-member Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board has three members who run citywide and six members who run in districts. The primary narrowed the eight-candidate field of at-large candidates to six.

Incumbent and Green Party-endorsed Annie Young got the most votes, followed by former Superintendent Mary Merrill Anderson and newcomer and non-profit real estate consultant Tom Nordyke, both of whom had DFL endorsements. Incumbent Rochelle Berry Graves came in fourth. Realtor Meg Forney and Air Line Association attorney Dan Froehlich also made the cut.

Annie Young 10,868 (18 percent)

Mary Merrill Anderson 10,732 (17.8 percent)

Tom Nordyke 10,147(16.8 percent)

Rochelle Berry Graves 8,190 (13.6 percent)

Meg Forney 8,130 (13.5 percent)

Dan Froehlich 7,935 (13.1 percent)

Jordan Garner 2,670 (4.4 percent)

Clement Shimizu 1,781 (3 percent)

Park Board District 4

Professional gardener Tracy Nordstrom will face bank vice president Christine Hansen in the general election for the seat left vacant by incumbent Vivian Mason. District 4, includes: most of Downtown West and Elliot Park, part of North Loop, and all of Loring Park, Harrison, Bryn Mawr, Lowry Hill, Lowry Hill East, Kenwood, East Isles, Cedar-Isles-Dean and East Calhoun.

Tracy Nordstrom 2,645 (63 percent)

Christine Hansen 2,645 (27.7 percent)

Jennifer Salita 390 (9.3 percent)

Library Board

The eight-member Library Board has six members elected at large, and two city appointees. The primary narrowed the field of 19 at-large candidates to 12 for the general election.

Laura Wittstock 11,252 (10.6 percent)

Laurie Savran 10,296 (9.7 percent)

Alan Hooker 9,063 (8.5 percent)

Rod Krueger 8,439 (7.9 percent)

Sheldon Mains 7,644 (7.2 percent)

Gary Thaden 7,307 (6.9 percent)

Samantha Smart 7,222 (6.8 percent)

Anita Duckor 7,027 (6.6 percent)

Virginia Holte 6,632 (6.2 percent)

Julie Iverson 5,933 (5.6 percent)

Lisa Kjellander 5,714 (5.4 percent)

Eric Hinsdale 3,309 (3.1 percent)

Mark "Sparky" Elko 3,024 (2.8 percent)

Travis Lee 2,870 (2.7 percent)

Ian Stade 2,822 (2.7 percent)

Jae Bryson 2,092 (2 percent)

Victor Grambsch 2,033 (1.9 percent)

Timothy A. Davis Sr. 2,031 (1.9 percent)

Thomas P. Deyo 1,846 (1.7 percent)

Board of Estimate and Taxation

The primary narrowed the seven-candidate field to four, and the two DFL-endorsed candidates held a significant lead.

Carol Becker 13,948 (35.5 percent)

Jill Schwimmer 12,375 (31.5 percent)

Gordon L. Nelson 4,167 (10.6 percent)

Dave Berger 3,827 (9.7 percent)

Matthew Jones 1,850 4.7 percent)

Ted Cabana 1,835 (4.7 percent)

Geno Bassett 1,270 (3.2 percent)