Downtown employers win commuting award

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July 11, 2005 // UPDATED 1:56 pm - April 26, 2007
By: Scott Russell
Scott Russell

More than two dozen Downtown employers have earned the honorific: "Best Workplace for Commuters."

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) gives out the awards to businesses that support employees who ride the bus, car pool and/or bike to work.

To qualify, employers need to provide:

- At least one primary commuter benefit, such as offering subsidies for Metropass, a prepaid bus card;

- At least three other commuter benefits, such as supplying carpool parking spaces in their ramp, showers for bicyclists, on-site amenities such as day care or dry cleaning, or incentives for living near work;

- A central contact point for commuter information; and

- Access to a regional or employer-provided emergency/guaranteed ride home program.

Employers earning the EPA's "commuter friendly" seal of approval are:

American Express, 707 2nd Ave. S.; Meagher & Geer PLLP, 33 S. 6th St.; Mercer Human Resource Consulting, 800 LaSalle Ave.; Xerox Corp., 150 S. 5th St.; Natural Resources Group, 80 S. 8th St.

GMI, Inc., 10 S. 5th St.; Schilling Travel, 250 2nd Ave. S.; Meyer Borgman & Johnson, Inc., 12 S. 6th St.; DGI, Inc., 100 S. 5th St.; Bemis Co., 222 S. 9th St.; Manchester Companies, 80 S. 8th St.

SPS Commerce, Inc. 333 S. 7th St.; USDA-APHIS, 110 N. 6th St.; CSM, Inc., 500 Washington Ave. S.; Verisae, Inc., 100 N. 6th St.; CRP Holding, 60 S. 6th St.; Landform Engineering, 510 1st Ave. N.

Utility Engineering, 901 Marquette Ave.; Hargrove & Assoc., 100 N. 6th St.; Greene, Espel, PLLP, 200 S. 6th St.; Hennepin County, 300 S. 6th St.; International Decision Systems, 80 S. 6th St.

University of Minnesota Investment Advisors, 220 S. 6th St.; CenterPoint Energy, 800 LaSalle Ave.; Minneapolis Transportation Management Organization, 220 S. 6th St.; Public Radio International, 10 N. 6th St.

TCF Bank, 801 Marquette Ave.; United Properties, 110 N. 6th St.; and U.S. Commodity Exchange, 510 Grain Exchange Building; University of Minnesota, c/o 300 Transportation Safety Building, 511 Washington Ave. S.

Lynn Frank, the program coordinator for the Downtown Minneapolis TMO, said businesses that receive the award could use the logo on their Web site and letterhead, to attract and retain employees.

"People spot it and think, 'Well, my employer cares about my environment; my employer cares about how I get to work," she said.