No holiday slowdown for condo news

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July 11, 2005 // UPDATED 1:56 pm - April 26, 2007
By: David Brauer
David Brauer

Development mavens will want to take note of the breaking news on 50-story The Nicollet project at 10th & the Mall, where a deal has been struck to incorporate the Church of Scientology parcel directly south of the current development site. See page 16.

Meanwhile, over in Northeast, developers of a project tentatively dubbed 700 Central have plans to remake the Intown Ministorage site at 700 Central Ave. NE (consisting of a four-story and seven-story building) and add a new four-story condo buildng onsite.

Developer Tony Barranco says his group has a purchase agreement for the site with a predicted September closing. He projects 73 units and a blistering fall 2006 opening. The developers have already had first meetings with the city.

You've seen limited-time offers on TV, here's one from a developer - and it doesn't require you to plunk down cash.

Excavation has begun for the Phoenix on the River project next to St. Anthony Main, and for the next couple of weeks, you can wander over and watch as archeologists pick through the 130-year-old ruins of what was the Phoenix Mill.

David Frank of developer Schafer Richardson said the archeologists are less interested what we mortals would consider the cool stuff - the tailraces and other brick-and-mortar that made the mill go - than they are the junk that the mill workers dropped. "It gives them insight into how a worker in the 1880s lived," Frank said.

The archeologists document what they see and find, but won't remove and try to reassemble ancient building parts.

Frank archly notes that if all goes well, the ruins will be covered up "for 100 years" by the glitzy Phoenix on the River development. So if you want to see history exhumed before it is entombed, get thee to 224 SE 2nd St.