Urban Mystery: Mystery Timepiece

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July 11, 2005 // UPDATED 1:56 pm - April 26, 2007
By: Greg Corradini
Greg Corradini

A very puzzling gizmo affixed on the brick faade of the Minneapolis Club, 729 2nd Ave. S., seems to have gone unnoticed by almost everyone except one man.

John Huspeni saw what he thought was a clock on the side of the Minneapolis Club, after catching glimpses of the doodad from Downtown bus. He said he thought it looked broken.

"It reminded me of a Salvador Dali painting," he wrote in an e-mail, highlighting the jumbled, out-of-sequence numbers bordering the suspected clock.

Huspeni said when he e-mailed the Minneapolis Club for more information, he received no response.

When the Skyway News called the Minneapolis Club twice about the suspected clock, no one there would comment, saying they were convinced it doesn't exist. "I'm glad you can see it," quipped a Minneapolis Club receptionist, "because we can't."

After discovering that something does in fact sit near the building's roof, the receptionist later said that no one from the Minneapolis Club knows what it is.

If anyone knows how the suspected clock works and if it's broken, please contact Skyway News, if for no other reason than to satisfy our curiosity.