Doing My Job

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July 11, 2005 // UPDATED 1:56 pm - April 26, 2007
By: Amy Anderson
Amy Anderson

Tim Navarro, Minnesota Twins Funatic, Metrodome

With a giant bear as a co-worker and a powerful t-shirt shooter in hand, Tim Navarro undeniably has one of the most exciting jobs Downtown. Navarro, better known as the Twins "Funatic," is in his seventh season of getting the crowd riled up at each Minnesota Twins baseball game with his t-shirt launcher.

Navarro, his co-Funatic Robert Grace, and Twins mascot T.C. Bear can all be spotted on the field and in the stands between innings where they shoot t-shirts into the screaming crowd.

A few fans manage to nab a shirt, while the rest fruitlessly wave their hands and hope for better luck next time. It's all in a day's work for this energetic employee. "I run around with a bear, get the crowd into the game and shoot t-shirts," Navarro said. "We try to target the kids and get them really excited about the game."

Navarro said he is used to being an entertainer at sporting events. Before joining with the Twins, he was a Gophers cheerleader and coached the Vikings stunt team for three years.

He maintains involvement with cheering as the assistant coach for the Rosemount High School cheerleading squad. Not only does Navarro get paid to watch one of his favorite sports, he also finds spending time with fans, especially the kids, fulfilling.

"Sometimes it's hard because we're unable to satisfy everyone with the shirts, or we can't stay with the kids for autographs as long as they want," Navarro said. "But the best thing is seeing the smiles on the kids' faces.

Reminiscing back to his first season with the Twins, Navarro remembered an amusing encounter he had with golfer Tiger Woods, who was in town at a game.

"The Twins had a promo called 'Into the Future' and we all had to wear 'Star Trek: Next Generation' costumes. We were walking down the hall and went past Tiger Woods. He looked at us and just started laughing. It was the funniest moment I've had working here yet."

Although he doesn't rub elbows with celebrities everyday on the job, his position is still one that he said he would not readily give up. "It's just a great job," Navarro said. "I really appreciate having the opportunity to work at such a nice organization like the Twins."