What's Broken: Lights not out

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June 20, 2005 // UPDATED 1:55 pm - April 26, 2007
By: Greg Corradini
Greg Corradini

Mark Babij wrote to Skyway News about a dark, scantily lit stretch of 4th Avenue North that might be dangerous for North Loop neighborhood strollers.

He said that there are only five streetlights between the corner of West River Road and North 1st Street, a three-block-long stretch.

City of Minneapolis Public Works Professional Engineer Bev Warmka said lighting for the street is part of a proposed bike trail to be built through the neighborhood.

Public Works Transportation Engineer Don Pflaum said the proposed Cedar Lake Trail is a complicated bike-trail project with two alternatives. One would put a bike trail through 4th Avenue North in 2006. "We are exploring lighting as part of the bike trail project," Pflaum said.

However, Pflaum said one of the area's developers also has lighting plans for 4th Avenue North as part of a project. Pflaum was uncertain which developer it was but said those lighting plans haven't been completed because of the proposed Cedar Lake Trail lighting plans.

Neighborhood resident and former North Loop Neighborhood Association (NLNA) Secretary Duane Reed said any time a crime deterrent such as lighting can be enhanced, it's a good thing. "I am going to wait patiently because I know it is on its way. When, however, is a good question," Reed said.

Pflaum said North Loop residents who are interested in the Cedar Lake Trail project or who have concerns about the lighting should call Public Works at 673-2411.

"If there are people who can't wait a year to get lighting on the street, which might be the issue, then call us. We can see what we can do sooner," Pflaum said.

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