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June 13, 2005 // UPDATED 1:55 pm - April 26, 2007
By: Holly Day
Holly Day

Comets on Fire

Yeah, there's nothing like a hard day at work to make you really appreciate a band like Comets on Fire. There's no meditating on the wacky happenings of the day, like whether the girl/boy in accounting thinks you're cute, or if your boss is secretly stealing the pens from your desk to make you look like a moron, or if anyone at work saw that time you came out of the restroom with the back of your skirt tucked into your underwear. Music this intense, this raw, this violent, this loud, not only demands total attention, it'll completely take over your brain. Give yourself a big pat on the back if you can still walk a straight line after attending this show.

Also playing is the slightly less damaging Growing, which made huge waves at All Tomorrow's Parties in the U.K. The music's just as riveting as Comets', but in a softer, gentler way. They layer church organ drones with organic samples of crickets, birds, thunder, etc., rising and crashing waves of static and lots of guitar feedback.

• M June 13, 9 p.m. 7th Street Entry, 701 1st Ave. N. $12. 332-1775, www.first-avenue.com.

Don't do it!

If ever a band epitomized the self-hating, picked-upon loser that none of us want to be, it would be Alkaline Trio. Their songs are a teenager's diary of shame, self-loathing, self-disgust, self-abuse and cynicism. Luckily, the music's pretty rockin', so even if you feel like slitting your wrists in identification with the lyrics sung by the three-headed, angst-ridden beast of Matt Skiba (guitar), Glenn Porter (drums) and Dan Andriano (bass), you'll probably be tapping your feet along so happily that you won't be able to cut a straight line.

• Th June 16, 6:30, The Quest Club, 110 5th St. N. $15 to $18. 338-3383, www.thequestclub.com.

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