What' Broken

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June 13, 2005 // UPDATED 1:55 pm - April 26, 2007
By: Greg Corradini
Greg Corradini

Not that street gutters are supposed to be beautiful, but one on the corner of South 6th Street & Marquette Avenue needs a makeover. Part of a steel catch-basin frame that directs water runoff from the street to the underground storm sewer is gnarled and twisted.

City of Minneapolis Public Works Paving Engineer Larry Matsumoto said he sent someone to look at the damage and has determined that the problem might be the result of common wear and tear.

"Like anything else, things fail after a number of years," Matsumoto said.

There is also the possibility, he said, that some big trucks drove over the top of the curb repeatedly and caused the metal frame to collapse.

Matsumoto told a sewer maintenance engineer about the problem, and he said sewer maintenance does intend to fix the metal frame but did not specify when.

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