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June 6, 2005 // UPDATED 1:55 pm - April 26, 2007
By: Holly Day
Holly Day

After Dreamland

Blues singer Madeleine Peyroux is Generation Y's answer to Billie Holiday. With her sultry, smoky, heard-in-a-dream voice that seems determined to overpower any band or instrument she's put on stage with, she has a chilling and beautiful presence that is nearly impossible to forget. Her newest release, "Careless Love," features both original and jazz/blues standards, most memorably, her brilliant rendition of Josephine Baker's "J'ai Deux Amours" ("I Have Two Loves"), a song Baker sang to Allied troops in France during WWII.

- Tu June 7, 7:30 p.m.Historic Pantages Theatre, 710 Hennepin Ave.$31. (651) 989-5151, www.hennepintheatredistrict.com.

Death and horses

Without knocking the wonderful Terminal Bar at all, I have to say I can't believe this guy is coming to the tiny, living-room-intimate stage there.

Guitarist Christian Gibbs has performed with artists ranging from The Damned's Dave Vanian, Foetus, Rami Jaffe of the Wallflowers and Tower of Power. Drawing heavily from Neil Young, Tom Waits and Nick Cave simultaneously, Gibbs is a little bit scary-goth country, a little bit gloom-and-doom rock 'n' roll. Lots of people die or fall in love, or both, in his songs. You'd better catch this guy before he hires a tour manager that has real connections.

- Th June 9, 8:30 p.m.Terminal Bar, 409 Hennepin Ave. E.$3. 623-4545, www.terminalbar.com.

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