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April 25, 2005 // UPDATED 1:54 pm - April 26, 2007
By: Anna Pratt
Anna Pratt

'Sacrifice and Renewal'

Greg Beasley and Paul Harbaugh's photographs illuminate Mayan Catholic rituals in Guatemala. These beautiful black-and-white portraits really reveal the emotion and drama of the events and people who participate in ceremonies that represent sacrifice and renewal. Images celebrate the Mayan deity Maximon, who the Guatemalans believe to be Jesus' brother. Together, Beasley's and Harbaugh's photos act as a montage that describes the Guatemalan version of the story - a Catholic take we don't usually get a glimpse of. But besides the photojournalistic value, the images themselves are artful and poignant, underscoring the ability of the photographers to tactfully witness and capture the moments.

- Tu-Sa thru May 28; Tu-W, F noon-6 p.m.,
Th noon-8 p.m., Sa 1-5 p.m.
Gallery Atitlan, 609 S. 10th St.

'Arms and the Man'

It's impressive what kinds of things can grow out of funny encounters, even scary ones. For instance, just how many people go to their bedrooms to find their next date (versus even the laundromat)?

In "Arms and the Man," Bulgarian Raina doesn't have to go far to meet a new love. Had I been the one to discover a deserting soldier taking cover in my bedroom, I think I would've been pretty spooked for a while. My next thought probably wouldn't have been: roommate!

But hey, I was scared by the reflection of the TV in my window last night. I really thought that as I watched a face emerge from the shadowy screen that incidentally reflected in the window that the figure stared madly at me just outside. I shrieked until I realized that the TV had just upped my heartbeat. But I guess Raina isn't as skittish as I am.

Raina is a pretty faithful girl, so I guess we can trust her judgment when she meets a new guy in her bedroom. But how'd he get there?

Meanwhile, Raina's father and fiance are in combat, which must inflict some kind of guilt trip on her (after she gets acquainted with the stranger). But the ex-soldier's presence has political implications for Raina.

Certainly Raina wasn't guarded against any kind of arms - weapons or those that embrace.

This satirical drama exposes the absurd consequences and terms of war, including unlikely marriages.

- F-Su April 29-May 22; F-Sa 8 p.m.,
Su 2 p.m. & 7 p.m. (alternately).
Theater in the Round, 245 Cedar Ave.

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