She changed your diapers ... now get Mom something nice

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April 18, 2005 // UPDATED 1:53 pm - April 26, 2007
By: Joe Widmer
Joe Widmer

Where would we be without mothers? They changed our diapers, cared for us when we were sick, taught us about life and, most of all, they're the reason we were born. Many of us feel that mom deserves the world for Mother's Day (it's May 8.)

However, as the years go on, it's harder and harder each new Mother's Day, to find something original that she'll appreciate and use. How many times can you give her perfume?

Luckily, Downtown contains plenty of heartfelt bric-a-brac that might surprise her on her day. Gaviidae Commons, 651 Nicollet Mall, is a one-stop shop with items ranging from the painfully frugal to spare-no-expense.

Scratch her caffeine itch

If your mother perks up in the morning at the sound of her percolator, then a java treat that helps her get her morning buzzing might be just the right thank-you.

A $10 gift card from Caribou Coffee (on the first floor of the Gaviidae Commons and elsewhere Downtown) can go a long way. While it might not be a standalone item - sort of a Mom's Day stocking stuffer - it could make for an easy transition into your next statement: "Mom, you're going to need the energy because I'm dropping the kids off tomorrow."

Caffeine merchants such as Caribou also have a variety of coffee beans, coffee mugs and to-go cups, perfect for moms on the go. Snacks, mints and games - also great little gifts, can also be found at many coffee shops.

Home tchotchkes

If you're hesitant to help Mom get a buzz on Mothers' Day, then perhaps she'll appreciate something for her home that's beautiful and more functional.

Presence, a second-floor Gaviidae store, has beautiful hand-painted soap dispensers that add charm to any kitchen or bathroom. The care that went into painting the unique flower patterns might vaguely bring to mind the TLC Mom showed you.

The soap dispensers, which come in many sizes, begin at $17. An accompanying gift could be magnificent carafes that sell for more than $40. Presence's charm doesn't stop with these products though; they also carry a wide variety of mom-pleasing gifts. Items include interesting books, funky postcards and five-dollar feminist magnets with quips such as "Make your own damn dinner."

Floral appreciation

If home accents aren't your mom's style, there's an award-winning florist nearby, Indulge & Bloom, also on Gaviidae's second floor. No matter what her style, any mom delights in a Mother's Day floral bouquet.

I & B creates unique arrangements, including a sensible $30 bouquet that includes the vase. I & B's head designer, Steve Dongoski, produces enough colorful arrangements to excite any mother. Quick to throw in a lisianthus here or a single tulip there, Dongoski's designs are potted works of art.

Along with flowers, I & B carries a variety of gifts, including cards, trinkets and chandelier-style candle holders.

Spa your mom

If flowers don't make Mom melt, what woman could resist a spa service? Mothers who give tireless effort in the lives of their kids truly deserve an afternoon of posh pampering.

The JUUT Salon/Spa on Gaviidae's second floor is a place where mothers of all ages go to relax and beautify themselves. The staff calls themselves "day makers," and it's not too hard to find out why. How could someone walk away from a 30-minute massage and not be happy?

Beyond massages, the salon will cut, trim, color and wax just about whatever your mom wants them to - and that just a warm-up. Consider a $50 gift card - it's enough to get Mom a haircut and an organic Aveda skin or hair care product or she could put it towards a much more indulgent spa experience.