What's broken?

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March 28, 2005 // UPDATED 1:53 pm - April 26, 2007
By: Greg Corradini
Greg Corradini

An "ugly and downright dangerous" stretch of sidewalk could be hazardous for Downtown foot traffic. That's what Sherri Millner wrote in an e-mail to Skyway News about a dodgy sidewalk in front of the Armory Parking Garage, 500 S. 6th St.

She said the sidewalk is a patchwork of uneven concrete slabs and asphalt patches. Millner said ice forms in the sidewalk's "low-lying areas" for the entire winter. She said she has seen people fall at the spot and has encouraged them to sue.

City of Minneapolis Supervisor of Sidewalk Inspection Dan Bauer said three city sidewalk inspectors have routinely examined sidewalks in that neighborhood. If they find that a sidewalk needs repair, the inspectors will write up an estimate and send the property owner a notice to repair it, he said.

"The property owners, by ordinance, are the ones that have to pay for the sidewalks," Bauer said.

The owner of these sidewalks is Hennepin County, which currently owns the Armory Parking Garage. Bauer said different redevelopment proposals for the Armory have been talked about for the past two years, which might have postponed any final sidewalk repairs.

"They had all sorts of highfalutin ideas for a golf course or a hub for fiber optics," Bauer said. "Now, they have parking in there."

Because the property appears to have settled into a particular use, Bauer said there is no reason that the sidewalk can't be fixed if it's broken. He said he would send a pavement inspector to examine the site soon.

"Eventually these owners, just like every owner, will have to pay for the sidewalk repair," Bauer said.

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