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March 21, 2005 // UPDATED 1:53 pm - April 26, 2007
By: Jeremy Stratton
Jeremy Stratton


Spring flowers will be coming early to Downtown when Vanderbloom opens its new skyway location in the Six Quebec building, 601 Marquette Ave.

The store will open mid-April, just in time for ultra-busy "Secretary's Week," said Brad VanHaveren, who has owned and operated Vanderbloom North Loop location at 415 N. 1st St. with his wife, Annie, for three years. The bulk of their North Loop location business is filling corporate accounts, such as Kowalski's Market, for whom Vanderbloom arranges "florist-grade" mixed bouquets, VanHaveren said.

The couple also has a retail location in Marshall Field's Marketplace, 700 Nicollet Mall, in the lower level. That smaller, freestanding site, which offers prearranged bouquets, is "an excellent place to be for advertising," VanHaveren said.

VanHaveren expects the 900-square-foot Six Quebec location to bring skyway passersby, a new kind of customer for the largely wholesale company. As a wholesaler, Vanhaveren said he is able to sell fresher flowers than other retailers, and he offers flowers imported from Costa Rica.

"Most florists are gift shops that sell flowers," Vanhaveren said. Vanderbloom does sell some "high-end" vases, "everyday glass," and cards, he said.