Hubert's bans ticketbrokers from bar

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February 5, 2007 // UPDATED 10:58 am - April 26, 2007
By: Michelle Bruch
Michelle Bruch

Elliot Park

The owners of Hubert’s Bar and Restaurant signed an agreement with the city last month to ban brokers illegally selling tickets from the premises and prevent patrons from smoking in the bar’s rear patio.

City police said they spotted ticket brokers using Hubert’s Bar & Restaurant at 601 Chicago Ave. as a headquarters for ticket selling operations. According to police, the brokers have various runners who perform tasks such as selling tickets and storing the excess tickets in off-site vehicles. Police said they observed that employees of Hubert’s allowed known ticket-selling agents to use nonpublic entrances of Hubert’s so they could access the establishment without waiting in line.

Police have said the resale of tickets is illegal if they are sold for more than face value in the public right-of-way. Scalping can become a crime problem, police said, because citizens have purchased counterfeit tickets and they can be a target for robbery if they are exchanging money in crowds of people.

According to a city report, Hubert’s owners agreed to enact a policy that prohibits employees from aiding or abetting ticket sale activity at the Metrodome. The policy requires the business to issue trespass notices to anyone on the premises illegally selling tickets and ask loiterers in front of Hubert’s to move along.

City licensing officials also took issue with patrons smoking in a rear patio enclosure in violation of the Minneapolis ban on smoking in restaurants and bars. Hubert’s owners have agreed to no longer allow smoking on the patio.

The City Council’s Public Safety and Regulatory Services Committee approved the license settlement conference recommendations in a meeting last week.

Mill District

Sherman Associates is hosting a public meeting on Feb. 5 to talk about retail at 201 Park, formerly a 44-unit condominium proposal.

The developer is considering a pharmacy as one retail tenant, and leasing is still under negotiation.

“It’s not written in stone,” said Brian Gorecki, a Sherman Associates project manager.

Gorecki said the meeting for riverfront neighbors would also focus on the design, building setback, overall tenant mix, timeline and building materials.

The meeting will take place at 6 p.m. Feb. 5 at the Crown Roller Mill building, located at 105 5th Ave. S.

North Loop

Mitrebox Framing Studio is now open on Mondays.

“I would come into the office on Monday to check the mail and check the computer, and people would try the door all the time,” said co-owner Sara Nachreiner.

Mitrebox relocated within the Warehouse District last spring, and the store is located at 213 Washington Ave. N.

With the addition of an employee, Mitrebox is now open Monday-Friday from 10-6 p.m., and on Saturday from 10-5 p.m.

Downtown West

Willie’s Wine Bar & Cuisine will start offering biweekly “Wine 101” classes this month, beginning on Feb. 17 from2-4 p.m.

The class is led by Steve Johnson of Haskell’s, and initial classes will cover the basics in grape characteristics and origins.

“We want to take the mystery out of the wine list, to keep it simple and keep it about grapes,” said Cathy Simonson, an owner of Willie’s Wine Bar.

The classes every other Saturday will begin with an Introduction to Wine Tasting and will move on to study and taste the wines of France’s Bordeaux and Burgundy regions.

Simonson said early classes will cover questions such as “What is a Riesling?” “How do you pronounce it?” and “From where does it originate?”

Registration for classes that include parking are $35. Willie’s Wine Bar is located at 1100 Harmon Place.