Downtown legislators re-elected

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November 15, 2004 // UPDATED 4:41 pm - April 25, 2007
By: Scott Russell
Scott Russell

As expected, DFL House incumbents representing Downtown were re-elected. The smallest victory margin was 35 percentage points.

The surprise: The GOP's 81-53 House majority nearly vanished, dropping to 68-66. Rep. Margaret Anderson Kelliher, who represents Downtown south of 7th Street, said legislature would work across party lines to "get things done," focusing on education and transportation, including the North Star rail line from the Warehouse District to Big Lake.

According to the Secretary of State's Web site Nov. 3, Downtown results are:

District 58B, Downtown north of 7th Street and part of the North Side: Keith Ellison (DFL), 10,776 (84 percent); Jay Cyril Mastrud (Rep.), 1,984 (16 percent).

District 59B, Nicollet Island/East Bank plus the U area: Phyllis Kahn (DFL), 10,139 (58 percent); Amanda Hutchings (Rep.), 3,860 (22 percent); Becki Smith (Green), 2,182 (13 percent); Ron Lischeid (Ind), 995 (6 percent).

District 60A: Kelliher (DFL), 15,768 (74 percent); Tom Gromacki (Rep.), 4,189 (20 percent); Sigrid Hutcheson (Ind.), 1,307 (6 percent).