Election 2004: Minneapolis school board finalists

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October 25, 2004 // UPDATED 4:27 pm - April 25, 2007
By: David Brauer, editor
David Brauer, editor

Profiles of the six Minneapolis School Board finalists

This week, Skyway News profiles the six finalists for three open Minneapolis School Board seats in the Nov. 2 general election.

The School Board is a seven-member body responsible for guiding a 38,000-student system and hiring and managing the district Superintendent, Thandiwe Peebles. About a quarter of your local property taxes go to pay for city schools.

Winning Board candidates will get to grapple with several tough issues, including the aftermath of closing elementary schools in the wake of a demographic- and charter-school driven enrollment drop. (The current Board is expected to decide which schools to close Nov. 30.)

Board members must also oversee programs to raise student learning and -- in these No Child Left Behind Days -- test scores.

The profiles are arranged in no particular order; the candidates are Sandra Miller, Peggy Flanagan, Sharon Henry-Blythe, Dennis Schapiro, Lydia Lee and David Dayhoff.

A reminder about voting: polling places have changed since the 2000 Presidential election because of redistricting. If you want to find or confirm your polling place, try the city's "precinct finder" at www.ci

.minneapolis.mn.us/elections -- all you have to do is type in your address. You can also use www.e-democracy.org/myballot, which contains your actual ballot and voting place. The Web-less can call 348-5151.