The Downtown condo pipeline

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September 13, 2004 // UPDATED 4:04 pm - April 25, 2007
By: David Brauer, editor
David Brauer, editor

Each month, Skyway News will update all the condo projects going up in Downtown. The pipeline contains condo developments ranging from those that have been proposed to those that have opened in the past three months. (Note: the list does not include apartments.)

This month, there are a mind-boggling 41 projects with 4,690 units in the pipeline, plus four projects that are stalled. (The unit total doesn't include two projects that haven't announced a configuration. Also, 1,095 of the 4,690 units are in a single project, the East Bank's Pillsbury "A" Mill development, which, if it gets city approvals and is built, won't be done until 2012.)

The Downtown condo pipeline has six stages:

- Planned -- developer has announced something is going there, but hasn't presented a design.

- Proposed -- there's a design now, but not much else.

- City approvals -- the city is reviewing the proposed design to make sure it conforms to city laws and guidelines.

- Awaiting construction -- the project has the city's OK but hasn't broken ground. Often, projects at this stage are in "presales," wherein buyers can reserve units.

- Under construction -- earth is moving.

- Open -- residents can live there.

We also list projects that are stalled because they could become unstuck.

While we've contacted all the developers, if you're involved in a project and spot an error, please e-mail or call 436-4371.

Downtown condo construction pipeline - map & chart