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September 6, 2004 // UPDATED 3:57 pm - April 25, 2007
By: Holly Day
Holly Day

On fire

Legendary performer Burning Spear is equal parts musician and social critic, blending traditional reggae with biting criticism of modern times and fads. On this year's expanded re-release of 2003's "Free Man," the artist covers more cosmopolitan material than his traditional fare.

Instead of talking about the politics of Marcus Garvey and Rastafarian philosophies, this album is more about the day-to-day things that bother or concern Burning Spear, such as rock star posturing, humanity's apparent lack of appreciation for everyday things and the importance of hope.

As always, his back-up band is classy and beautiful, featuring great horns and easy grooves that do little to soften the powerful messages behind all his songs.

Sunday, Sept. 12, 8 p.m., First Avenue, 701 1st Ave. N., $15 in advance, $20 at the door. 332-1775.

Likehell on the silver screen

Stop by the Nicollet Island amphitheater to catch a free screening of the movie "LIKEHELL: The Unbelievably True and Amazingly Accurate Story Behind Rock's Most Legendary Supergroup." This spoof on VH1's "Behind the Music" series features the Twin Cities' very own Likehell.

Director Ryan Schadalee joins forces with writer Ingrid Soderberg and producer Tony Oliveri to bring this ridiculously funny movie to the big screen with no budget and donated services from the cast, crew and Likehell fans.

For those who have never had the privilege of seeing Likehell frontman Nick Eldorado bounce through a practically impermeable cloud of stage smoke and sing an ode to his girlfriend's breasts, this is your chance to catch the never-boring band safe and from a distance. But consider yourself warned, this crew is both talented (Likehell won the Minnesota Music Award's Best Hard Rock Artist(s) 2003) and post-, post-modern -- i.e. they take their showmanship so seriously it'll make your head spin if you try to figure out when/if they're kidding around. But that's what makes them fun.

Also showing will be the top 10 winners of the "Make Your Own Grain Belt Premium Commercial Contest."

Wednesday, Sept. 8, 8 p.m., Nicollet Island Amphitheater, hidden on the northeast side of the Nicollet Island Pavilion on Merriam Street, Free. likehellthemovie.com