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August 30, 2004 // UPDATED 3:34 pm - April 25, 2007
By: Holly Day
Holly Day

For real country lovers

Country aficionados may prioritize "funny" redneck lyrics,

faithfulness to genre, songs about God and trucks, etc., but a

nice voice and a bitchin' fiddle carry a band a long way in my


This is why I love the Meat Purveyors.

They definitely fall into the Good Country pile,

as well as the Good Bluegrass pile, since elements

of both genres are in their music.

The band is tight - their guitar pickin' and

fiddlin' will blow your mind, especially in their

auctioneer-fast cover of Lou Reed's "What Goes

On." And female lead vocalist Jo Walston is

pleasantly nostalgic of early Dolly Parton, but

sounds neither over-the-top nor forced.

As for their lyrics, they are well on par with

their talent. They sing about love, rock stars,

feminism and being addicted to truck-driver

speed - and they're clever, smart and funny


_ Monday, Aug. 30, 8 p.m.

First Avenue's 7th Street Entry, 701 1st Ave. N.

$6. 332-1775.

Beautiful noise

Break beat-infused psychedelic Sound Tribe Sector 9 is

coming to town to put on one of their phenomenal live shows.

Incorporating a heavy dose of Mayan mysticism with tape

loops, instrumental funk, groove improvisation, jazz grooves,

textural drones and dance beats, Sound Tribe is a highly original

act that needs to be heard very loud and very much in person.

_ Tuesday, Aug. 31, 8 p.m.

Fine Line Music Cafe, 318 1st Ave. N.

$18. 338-8100.

Grown-up goth

Finally, the proper occasion to debut the thigh-high, faux-croc

boots so cruelly shut away in my closet.

Purchased during a mad pregnancy-induced shopping spree

(it was the third trimester, and I couldn't handle the tummyexpanders

or "Baby on Board" crap any longer),

the black boots come complete with metal buckles

snaking their way up the side and heels not

meant to be walked more than a dozen feet in.

They're exactly the kind of boots I would

have killed for when I was 14. But now it's been

nearly a year since I bought them, and I still

haven't had any place or occasion to wear them.

I suppose I could wear them when I pick my son

up after school, but he's just old enough that the

other kids might pick on him for having a mother

who dresses like a whore.

Thus I was really excited to hear about the

upcoming "Karnevil Noir" shindig at First


Besides being a good place to get your inner freak on, the

show features top-notch national and local talent, including tribal

industrial group Apocalypse Theatre. The nomadic band's

new release, "Lost in America," is a musical odyssey of love,

tragedy, triumph and escape and it chronicles the band's various

incarnations in various locations throughout the past decade.

The band is also famous for its annual summer "Burning Man"

shows in Nevada; they play to thousands of people from atop a

mobile fire-breathing Mad Max vehicle/stage.

Also playing will be Kontrol Panel (featuring former members

of Brick Layer Cake, The Evidents and Flybussen), the

power trio of Autonomy, Dr. Farrago's Sin-ergystic Theatre ("A

21st Century Burlesque Circus") and many other wonderful acts

well worth getting out the boots for.