Elliot Park skateboard park to open by Labor Day

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July 12, 2004 // UPDATED 2:30 pm - April 25, 2007
By: Scott Russell
Scott Russell

The new skateboard park at Elliot Park, 1000 E. 14th St., should open by the end of August or early September, said Jennifer Ringold, a planner with the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Association.

The project got a $10,000 boost from Compass, 251 1st Ave. N., which chose to support the park as a company service project, she said. It increased the total equipment budget to $40,000.

"They just want us to put the money in the budget and work with the kids and come up with something the kids are going to like," she said. "Talk about a dream donor."

The skate park will have beginner's equipment, called Tier 1, which is no taller than 4 feet, Ringold said. Park officials will meet with local skaters in July to decide what specific equipment to buy. A date is not set yet.

A $30,000 equipment budget initially planned would not get anything extravagant, she said. One half-pipe could deplete almost the entire budget. A basic $30,000 package could include a pyramid, a quarter pipe, a rail, a bank (a straight ramp) and some grinding boxes (which replicate a retaining wall).

For more information on the skaters' meeting or to comment on skate park equipment purchases, call Ringold at 230-6464.