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May 17, 2004 // UPDATED 1:35 pm - April 25, 2007
By: Holly Day
Holly Day

Those blink-182 boys

Receiving cool things in the mail is one of the best things about being a music-writer-person. During any given week, about a dozen CDs, candy, balloons, lots of frame-worthy photographs of rock stars, and occasionally a T-shirt or bottle of airport liquor show up in my mailbox. Of the many work-related things I've received in the mail over the years, though, one in particular sticks out in my mind: a refrigerator magnet blink-182's publicists sent me.

I immediately stuck that sucker on my refrigerator at eye-level, and for months, every time I went to the kitchen I was greeted by the sight of melodic punkers/hardcore pop stars Mark, Tom and Travis holding up my coupons and shopping lists, looking all cute and snotty in nothing but their skivvies.

It was such a great way to start the day. "Hello, boys," I'd say every morning as I grabbed breakfast items from the fridge -- of course, my 4-year-old always thought I was talking to him, and would reply all cute and confused, "One boy, Mommy! I'm just one boy!"

"So, what are boys like you doing in a place like this?" was another oft-muttered quip.

Around the time blink-182's "Enema Of the State" came out in 1991, my family and I moved to a bigger place, and, unfortunately, the magnet was lost. But the band was starting to grow up a little, and, in the process, to gain a little critical acclaim. Now, they're a veritable supergroup, and I doubt America's favorite pop-punk band is dispensing magnetized portraits of their boxer-clad selves. . . . And it's just not the same to hold one-sided conversations with the bunny, dinosaur or apple magnets.

Tuesday, May 18, 7 p.m.

Target Center, 600 1st Ave. N.

$31.50. 673-0900.

Something wild

These guys are definitely on the other end of the pop-punk continuum from beloved blink-182, but if you haven't seen the amazing Heroine Sheiks yet, you're missing out. Former Cows frontman Shannon Selberg puts on a great stage show, and the band's wacky and demented songs may not garner an arena full of fans, but they're just wonderful to listen to. (Even the Village Voice gave Selberg a hard time in an early Heroine Sheiks write-up. Selberg was particularly disgruntled about an unflattering cartoon portrait a staff artist drew of him.)

While they haven't released anything on a grand scale since 2002's "Siamese Pipe," Heroine Sheiks may have some new music to purchase at the show. No promises, but if a new album exists, this is where

it'll be.

Saturday, May 22, 8 p.m.

First Avenue's 7th Street Entry,

701 1st Ave. N.

$8. 332-1775.

Happy birthday!

Matthew St. Germain of Freedom From is having his birthday party at the 7th Street Entry Friday, May 21, and everybody's invited.

Michael Yonkers, Arctic Universe, Knifeworld, Ova!, Happy Mother's Day I Can't Read, Diamonds, Starving God (featuring members of Quad Muth), Haunted House, White Map, and Chips & Salsa are all performing, with the order of their appearances being determined by audience votes at the beginning of the show.

Expect a cool, weird, fun night featuring some of the craziest music that's been springing up around town lately.

Friday, May 21, 8 p.m.

First Avenue's 7th Street Entry,

701 1st Ave. N.

$6. 332-1775.

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