Q& A with Billy Sverkerson

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April 12, 2004 // UPDATED 1:16 pm - April 25, 2007
By: Tom Carothers
Tom Carothers

They're out for fun at the ol' ball game, but first they want a beer or two to start things off right. It's up to Billy Sverkerson to make sure that they leave in a spirited mood, ready to cheer on the hometown nine to victory.

Sverkerson is a manager at Hubert's,

601 Chicago Ave., the familiar bar located across the street from the Metrodome, home of the Minnesota Twins. As winter's chill has given way to spring, Hubert's has entered their busiest time of the year -- baseball season.

For 81 upcoming days and nights it's his job to make sure that fans in search of a beer before the ballgame get exactly what they need before they are ushered into the game. He talked with Skyway News about the baseball season, through a barkeeper's eyes.

How does Hubert's prepare for a Twins game differently from a regular night?

We have a lot of staff that works seasonally for us and just during events. Our staff goes from six people on a nonevent day to 30 on a big game day.

How many people would you say show up before a typical game?

The truth is it's always totally different. I've never even counted the numbers.

Which crowd, shall we say, "puts away more," a Vikings crowd or a Twins crowd?

The Vikings crowd is definitely a heavier drinking crowd. They'll often come here after tailgating. Definitely a rowdier bunch as well. You've seen them; lots of them have their faces painted and all sorts of things.

Which crowd do you prefer?

I like the baseball crowd so much more than the football crowd. They are definitely better behaved. Plus, I just like the sport of baseball so much more.

Do you think Hubert's is more tailored towards a baseball crowd?

I'd say yes, with our memorabilia that's hanging up, that whole collection is much more of a baseball collection. I'd like to think of us as a baseball bar. Plus, we have 81-plus games for baseball, as opposed to 12 at the most for football.

How much is Hubert's affected by a good Twins season as opposed to a lousy one?

It's been so good the last three years because they've been in contention. It's a substantial difference since they have drawn so well. When they have bad teams and don't draw well, it affects us a lot.