GameWorks to stay in Block E

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April 12, 2004 // UPDATED 1:14 pm - April 25, 2007
By: Sarah McKenzie
Sarah McKenzie

Block E's GameWorks will remain open in Block E despite the chain's reorganization under Chapter 11 bankruptcy, a GameWorks spokesman said.

The Block E GameWorks remains a "cash-flow positive" business, said Clint Manny, senior vice president of sales and marketing for GameWorks.

The chain, jointly owned by Sega Enterprises and Universal Studios, filed for the legal status March 19, according to arcade game trade publications. It allows a company to stay in business while it reorganizes, providing it temporary protection from creditors.

Manny said the company is in the middle of renogating leases with property managers across the country to make them more in line with market value.

He said the Downtown location, with its prominent 7th & Hennepin location, is profitable and "the grill continues to do extremely well."

The Block E GameWorks has bowling, and interactive game billed as "karaoke for your feet," and more than 100 other motion-simulated games.