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April 5, 2004 // UPDATED 1:08 pm - April 25, 2007
By: Anna Pratt
Anna Pratt

'The Hard Hat Show'

The first anniversary show at Outsiders and Others celebrates the visual artworks of tradesmen, including carpenters, electricians and plumbers.

Electrician/sculptor Allen Christian (of the Warehouse District's House of Balls, 212 3rd Ave. N., Ste. 108) offers quirky metal men, including one life-sized nuts-and-bolts figure, and madonnas. His figurines and assemblies show the materials' personality; they don't try to hide what they're made of -- they're self-aware.

Self-taught, antiwar folk artist Frank Erickson's constructions reveal his background as a house painter -- he paints sculptures made of found objects, such as sticks. In thick coats of house paints, he combats militarism with peaceable, yet sturdy imagery, such as wooden sunflowers.

Jonathan Nelson's artwork reflects his employment as a home remodeler (he's also appeared at the Walker Art Center, Weisman Art Museum and First Avenue, 701 1st Ave. N.). He uses audio and light in his collages of spent objects (like old theatre relics that still resound with the energy and electricity of the stage). While Christian explores the soul inherent in his artifacts, Nelson examines the thing's memory and dreams.

Finally, house framer Josh Norton's woodblock, linoleum and lithograph prints discuss themes of lust, power and chaos. All prove that The Hard Hat, torches, wires, boards, and tools are significant and artful mediums.

Thru May 1; Wednesday, Friday-Saturday, noon-5 p.m.; Thursday, noon-7 p.m. Outsiders and Others, 1010 Park Ave. S. Free. 338-3435.

Baseball columnist signing

Do you smell peanuts? Sports addicts and baseball fans, enjoy an athletic book reading with the flavor of the field. Eat pizza with Internet baseball guru Joe Sheehan, a columnist and editor who'll talk about his work on "Baseball Prospectus 2004," a performance analysis of over 1,600 players.

Exchange cheers and jeers when you bat the pros and cons in the current state of baseball: discuss team gossip and strategy, player positions and trades, the Yankee season, or any other aspect of sports politics, economics and media with this knowledgeable writer. Don't forget to wear your cleats.

Thursday, April 8, 12:30-1:30 p.m. Barnes & Noble, 801 Nicollet Mall. Free. 371-4443