Downtown passerby

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March 29, 2004 // UPDATED 10:28 am - April 25, 2007
By: Sarah McKenzie
Sarah McKenzie

Photographer Rich Ryan and Reporter Sarah McKenzie recently stopped Allen Moore, 22, a Loring Park resident and film student at Minneapolis Community and Technical College, as he biked along Nicollet Mall atop a "tall bike" -- those double-decker cycles that require brave and agile riders. When they asked him what was on his mind, he talked about a short film he just completed.

"It's a short story about a man who loses his wallet in the toilet," Moore said, as he leaned against the bike he borrowed from a friend who is in New Zealand. "The guy realizes he lost his wallet when he's at the vending machines. It just came to me one day. It's three minutes long."

When the conversation ended, Moore hopped back on the bike, headed toward a bookstore. (The bike has a plastic cardinal attached to the handlebars.) He pushed the bike along, gaining a little bit of speed, and then propelled himself onto the seat by stepping onto a horizontal bar in the middle of the bike's frame and then swinging his right leg around to position himself on the seat.