City Council actions

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March 29, 2004 // UPDATED 10:27 am - April 25, 2007
By: Scott Russell
Scott Russell

3/19/04 meeting

Absent: Don Samuels (3rd Ward) and Sandy Colvin-Roy (12th Ward)

Bikes: Council voted 11-0 to allow bicycles on Nicollet Mall during a transit strike.

North Loop: Council voted 11-0 to approve the Neighborhood Revitalization Program action plan for the Warehouse District/North Loop neighborhood.

Smoke detectors: Council voted 11-0 to amend the housing maintenance code requiring smoke detectors near all sleeping rooms and on every level of a dwelling. Smoke detectors near a kitchen must have a silencing switch.

Critical parking: Council voted 11-0 to establish a new critical-parking area in the area of Laurel and Hawthorne avenues.

Stone Arch Bridge: Council voted 11-0 to accept donations to add accent lights to the Stone Arch Bridge and to direct staff to work out an installation and maintenance agreement with the state.

Security barriers: Council voted to refer back to the Zoning and Planning Committee a proposal to prohibit nonresidential buildings from using exterior security barriers on the street-facing side of the structure.

Flashing signs: Council vote 11-0 to approve a zoning code change that would allow large museums to apply for flashing sign variances. It will allow the new Walker Art Center to apply for a variance for a scrolling information sign for its new museum.

Harbor Lights: Council voted 11-0 to approve the Salvation Army's request to convert 26 single-room occupancy units at its 1010 Currie facility to supportive housing.