Digiboo launches digital movie download service at airport

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March 12, 2012 // UPDATED 2:33 pm - March 14, 2012
By: Jeremy Zoss
Jeremy Zoss

Travelers at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP) now have a new option for in-flight entertainment. Digital entertainment company Digiboo officially launched its new kiosks today, which allow travelers to rent movies via flash drive for viewing on their Windows-based devices. Digiboo kiosks will be rolled out to additional airports in the coming weeks, but as of now the service is exclusive to MSP.

The 11 Digiboo kiosks feature a library of about 700 movies, with new movies being added weekly from movie studios Warner Bros., Sony, Paramount and Lionsgate. Travelers can select a movie, download it to a flash drive and watch it on their laptops during the flight. Transferring a movie onto a flash drive takes about 30 seconds, as does the one-time setup of the Digiboo player. 

Digiboo’c head of marketing Blake Thomas said MSP was selected for the launch of the service because Minneapolis is an educated, tech-savvy city, and MSP is “a real innovator in travel service.” He said Digiboo is like an evolution of the neighborhood video store, in that you can grab a movie for your flight without pre-planning.

New release rentals via Digiboo cost $3.99, with older titles available for $2.99. Rentals automatically expire 48 hours after first watched, but the kiosks also allow for a purchase option. All purchased titles are priced at $14.99