Metro Transit unveils new branding for Light Rail and BRT

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February 13, 2012 // UPDATED 3:43 pm - February 23, 2012
By: Jeremy Zoss
Jeremy Zoss

Metro Transit operator The Metropolitan Council has revealed the new branding for the Light Rail transit (LRT) and bus-rapid transit (BRT) system. Together, the system will be known as METRO, with individual lines identified by color names.

The existing Hiawatha LRT line has been dubbed the Blue Line. The upcoming Central Corridor and Southwest Corridor LRT lines have been collectively dubbed the Green Line. I-35W’s BRT line has been named the Orange Line, and a the Cedar Avenue BRT line will be known as the Red Line when it is completed in November.

The new system name and consistent branding is designed to create consistent expectations for users of both LRT and BRT.

“The METRO system name identifies the developing LRT/BRT services as unique,” said Arlene McCarthy, director of Metropolitan Transportation Services for the Council in a statement. “METRO riders can expect fast, frequent, and convenient service, whether they ride the Blue Line to Target Field, the Red Line to Mall of America, or the Green Line to the State Capitol.”

The Hiawatha LRT will be refreshed to reflect its new identity as the METRO Blue Line later this year. New LRT and BRT stations will receive visible METRO branding as they are completed.