Downtown Passerby

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March 22, 2004 // UPDATED 10:22 am - April 25, 2007
By: Rich Ryan and Sarah McKenzie
Rich Ryan and Sarah McKenzie

Photographer Rich Ryan and Reporter Sarah McKenzie stopped Roger Horne, III, a third-year student at North Central University in Elliot Park, on a recent morning as he crossed Elliot Avenue on his way to his dorm room. He was dressed in his pajamas -- a sweatshirt and flannel pants -- and planned to go get ready for the day. The pair asked Horne, 21, what was on his mind.


"Well, I've been dealing with a parking situation," Horne said with an annoyed look on his face. "I've been frustrated with security. I lent my car to my sister and didn't switch the permit. Then I needed to get a temporary permit. ... I was worried about getting a ticket or getting booted."