New Years resolutions for the city

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December 30, 2011
By: Journal readers
Journal readers

Nix sewer smell
Get rid of the ever-present sewer smell around the Ramp C/Target Field/1st Avenue & 4th area! Seriously, what is with that?!

Jennifer Stack


17 ideas
1. Do a better job of plowing/salting/sanding/repairing roads and bike paths.

2. Increase the number of things residents can recycle (especially the various plastics).

3. Make a Facebook page to report lost and found dogs and bikes.

4. Don’t waste money on things like replacing libraries that were built within the past 30 years.

5. Stop increasing taxes and reducing home price values.

6. Resolve not to spend taxpayers’ money on a new Vikings stadium.

7. Don’t waste money on unnecessary things.

8. Develop a bike registration program.

9. Do a better job of fighting and preventing crime — not just murders and gun violence, but theft, assault, larceny, etc.

10. Increase the amount of trees in the city.

11. Resolve not to allow a casino at Block E.

12. Help North Minneapolis get back on their feet post tornado. Organize volunteer days to help make repairs. Many people are willing to help out like they did right after the tornado. Give them opportunities to help again.

13. Resolve to create less air pollution as a city.

14. Resolve to find a better source of clean water than the Mississippi River and do a better job of treating water in the most natural way possible.

15. Resolve to fight drunken driving.

16. Resolve to disallow cell phones while driving.

17. Organize more citywide trash cleanups especially in North Minneapolis and post snow melt.

— Amy Cusick

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