Blog post: A look at campaign financing in Senate race

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December 5, 2011 // UPDATED 3:06 pm - December 5, 2011
By: Nick Halter
Nick Halter
My story about the Senate District 59 primary went to press before campaign finance reports were due for the five DFL candidates in the race. After looking through them today, here are a few observations:

   Kari Dziedzic led all candidates with $36,180 raised through Nov. 22.

   Dziedzic raised 10,000 from lobbyists and Political Action Committees, including $2,500 from unions.

   Dziedzic accepted $2,250 from other Dziedzics. Her father Walt used to represent Northeast on the Minneapolis City Council.

   Peter Wagenius finished second in fundraising, bringing in $19,157.

   Wagenius accepted only $425 from lobbyists and PACs.

   Mohamud Noor raised $7,103. He received $500 each from the local teachers union and the professional employees union (MAPE).

   Jabob Frey, with only one endorsement, was able to raise $9,704. He accepted no lobbyist or PAC money.


   Paul Ostrow raised $5,115, with none coming from lobbyists or PACs.