Letter to the editor: Another view of the river

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August 1, 2011 // UPDATED 3:25 pm - August 5, 2011
By: SueAnn Westphal
SueAnn Westphal

I am writing in reaction to the column submitted by Chuck Terhark regarding the Mississippi River renewal. 

I was taken aback by his pessimistic take on the beautiful Mississippi in Minneapolis. It made me wonder if he has even ventured down there since 1972. 

He labeled that stretch of river "stinky" and "ugly." I personally venture down to the Mississippi River, north of the Plymouth Avenue bridge, with my dog on the hottest days of summer to enjoy it's beauty and coolness. It's not dirty, or stinky, or ugly.

Granted, there can be a collection of litter from people who don't seem to understand the idea of 'leave no trace'. But a garbage bag and 20 minutes of one person's time makes a big difference (I speak from personal experience). Has he gone to watch the River Rats perform? Does he realize that they actually get in the water and live to tell? 

There is a plethora of wild life (besides the 'drunks, criminals and mischievous teenagers') that thrive along the river banks. Maybe Chuck ought to get out beyond his front yard, check his blatant biases, and go see for himself what an asset the Mississippi already is.  
SueAnn Westphal
Windom Park