Q & A with Terika Wilson

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March 1, 2004 // UPDATED 9:24 am - April 25, 2007
By: Bao Ong
Bao Ong

Terika Wilson is used to getting questions about chicken carbonara, honey bacon club and veggie sandwiches. Lately though, the 18-year-old Quiznos cashier has been bombarded with questions about the sub chain's two new commercials featuring what appears to be a rockin' mutant rodent duo that has left employees and customers clueless. Wilson started working part-time at the LaSalle Plaza Quiznos September 2003.

What do you think of the new commercials?

I've only seen one once. I think it's crazy.

So what are those animals, or whatever they are, on the commercial?

A dead mouse is what I think. People here are always asking, "What are them things on TV?" they've been asking for weeks. No one here [on staff] has a clue what those things are. I really don't know, but we keep getting asked questions about them from everyone -- guys and women.

What's a typical workday for you?

I'm not here that much because I'm part-time. I'm usually at the cash register, wrapping sandwiches or cleaning. It's just like any other job. I have to make money and get the bills paid -- nothing really different.

How would you describe your customers?

Every one wants to save money. If there's a special, that's usually the most popular thing of the day. That makes sense to me.