Downtown Passerby

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March 1, 2004 // UPDATED 9:24 am - April 25, 2007
By: Rich Ryan and Sarah McKenzie
Rich Ryan and Sarah McKenzie

Photographer Rich Ryan and reporter Sarah McKenzie recently stopped Keiva Jones on the corner of Hennepin Avenue and 7th Street North to ask her what was on her mind. Jones was on her way home from work as a special education assistant at Burroughs Community School in Southwest Minneapolis and planned to take a bus from Downtown to her home in Woodbury.

Jones, a New York native, majored in English in college but said she plans on going back to school to become a teacher. She said the job market is bad back home so she came to Minneapolis but plans on being here only temporarily.

"I'm tired and on my way home," she said. "There's this little boy that I work for who has anxiety disorders. What I try to do is help him overcome them, encouraging him to be more involved in school activities, hanging out with his friends more -- going to recess, lunch, things like that. He's 8 years old."

The work can be exhausting and she planned on crashing later.

"I'm going to make something to eat and then I'm going to go to bed," she said.