Ginellis Pizza celebrates 25 years today

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June 16, 2011
By: Jeremy Zoss
Jeremy Zoss

DOWNTOWN WEST – The restaurant business is hard. Downtown skyway retail is hard as well. So when a skyway restaurant marks its 25th anniversary, it’s definitely worth noting. Ginelli’s Pizza in the TCF Skyway at 8th and Marquette celebrates its 25th year today, and its employees celebrated by surprising owner Kelly Zenk with an anniversary banner and shirt.

Employee Amy Scott has been working at Ginelli’s for 15 years, and she said Zenk was happily surprised to see what the employees had done to commemorate the occasion. When asked what can be credited for the restaurant’s longevity, she pointed to the ingredients, which are always made from scratch in the restaurant. “It’s our sauce,” she said happily. “Most of these people in here have been coming here for years.

Ginelli’s will offer up an anniversary special for tomorrow’s lunch crowd. For more information, visit