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March 1, 2004 // UPDATED 9:21 am - April 25, 2007
By: Anna Pratt
Anna Pratt

'Soulless, Bloodsucking Lawyers: A Musical'

Legalese will never be the same when these stewards of justice croon the bar exam -- literally. Written by local lawyer and comedian Toni Halleen (what a combo!), "Soulless, Bloodsucking Lawyers: A Musical," is the tale of an unsullied law school grad whose innocence is just about to be siphoned by soulless, bloodsucking lawyers.

This comic opera features an egocentric litigator and money-grubbing senior partners who're ready to take on fresh blood. Welcome to the firm, dear.

A few faces from the recently departed "Tony 'N' Tina's Wedding" will appear, including Greta Grosch, Jennifer Maren and Tina Miller. If you want to see lawyers dance, see last year's Fringe Festival's number one show, brought to you by Fun with Law Productions.

Thursday-Saturday, Mar. 5-27, 7 p.m.

Bryant-Lake Bowl, 810 W. Lake St.

$16. 825-8949.

'Make Love'

Performance artist Karen Finley isn't kidding when she nudges you to come as glamorous singer Liza Minnelli to her show, "Make Love." Award-winning Finley's cabaret, lounge-style act summons this striking persona to reveal the pangs and passions wedged in the 9/11 debris in New York City, with drag performer Chris Tanner and pianist Lance Croce.

With a distinctive laugh, she manages to connect Minnelli's dramatic life -- her graceful entrances and exits, strengths and weaknesses -- to the city's successes and downfalls. Among the wreckage and the vacancies, Minnelli is the human Statue of Liberty -- she holds the promise of pearls and sequins, reward and heartbreak, marriage and divorce.

In a deep, quivering, sometimes nervous but always vibrant voice Finley embodies the emotions and star-quality that make Minnelli and The Big Apple a mythic survivor.

Thursday-Saturday, Mar. 4-7 8 p.m. and Sunday, 7 p.m.

The Illusion Theater, 528 Hennepin Ave. S.

$21. 339-4944.