Downtown Passerby

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February 23, 2004 // UPDATED 9:19 am - April 25, 2007
By: Rich Ryan and Sarah McKenzie
Rich Ryan and Sarah McKenzie

Photographer Rich Ryan and reporter Sarah McKenzie recently stopped Missie Nemitz (left) and Kelly Eder (right), outside of the ING building, 111 Washington Ave. S., to ask them what they were thinking about. The women, engrossed in conversation, were taking a smoke break. They both work in treasury management for Wells Fargo.

"We were talking about work ... and the seven years that people can come into our country and get free taxes," Nemitz said. "If somebody comes into our country, they can come in and usually don't have to pay taxes for a certain number of years. ... That's pretty much what we were talking about."

Actually, the women can rest easy. Carrie Resch, a Minnesota Department of Revenue spokesperson, said the perception is a myth commonly associated with federal taxes. "The confusion probably comes in because there's a certain amount of time a person has to complete citizenship requirements -- but that does not exempt a person from his or her tax responsibilities if they're earning income here," she said.