Charitable Awesomeness fundraiser planned for Waterbury Building

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May 6, 2011
By: Jeremy Zoss
Jeremy Zoss
There are more amazing events during Art-A-Whirl than we can possibly list, but those that combine art with a good cause are especially worthy of being singled out. Artist and graphic designer Kris Heuer is spearheading an event called “Charitable Awesomeness” that aims to raise money for three separate charities through the sale of limited edition prints and other artwork.

Heuer has created screen-printed posters for the ALS Association, the Piper Breast Cancer Center at Abbott Northwestern and Pet Project rescue. Each print is limited to 100 numbered copies, which will be available during the event for $40. The proceeds from the sale of each poster will be donated entirely to the associated charity.

Held at The Waterbury Building on Art-A-Whirl’s opening night May 20, Charitable Awesomeness will also feature additional art from Heuer and several other artists. A percentage of all art sold will be donated to the charities, as will the money raised by a silent auction at the close of the event.

“The motivation for the event was hearing that my friend’s mother was diagnosed with ALS,” Heuer said. “And I thought it would be more fun to have more organizations there. My mom is a survivor of breast cancer, and my girlfriend is big supporter of animal rescues. They’re all good causes, and the goal is to raise as much money as possible for them.”