Northrup King getting new sculpture garden

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May 9, 2011
By: Michelle Bruch
Michelle Bruch
The Northrup King building is getting a new permanent sculpture garden at 1500 Jackson St. NE, with artists installing a new fountain and retaining wall just in time for Art-A-Whirl.

Northrup King is one of several locations featuring outdoor installations during Art-A-Whirl, and sculptor Andrew MacGuffie is mapping out a tour of the sculptures people can find at sites including the Casket Arts building, the Modern Café and the SiP Coffeebar.

“We’re trying to put more of a public face on the arts district,” MacGuffie said.

The sculpture garden at Northrup King will replace a rotten picnic table with a water fountain that metalworker Kristen Arden described as a “little bit of an abstracted pinwheel.” MacGuffie is building a retaining wall out of old metal from Northrup King — the steel diamond plate was originally put down over the wood floors to protect them from forklifts and other heavy equipment.

The artists are collaborating with Magnolia Landscape and Design to create the garden, which will also feature a new stone path and sculptural planters.

“It’s a great look at pieces you definitely wouldn’t find at any store, since it is all custom designed and made,” said Building Manager Debbie Woodward.