Kraft tells Fried Bologna Vintage to change its logo

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April 25, 2011 // UPDATED 10:21 am - May 5, 2011

NORTHEAST – Since it opened in July of last year, Northeast’s Fried Bologna Vintage has earned a lot of fans. Kraft Foods, however, is not amongst them. At issue is the store’s logo, a design admittedly inspired by the Oscar Mayer branding.  According to a letter sent to Fried Bologna from Kraft, the store’s logo “dilutes the value and strength of our Oscar Mayer trademarks.”

Fried Bolonga owners Sara and Ricky Kazee plan to change the logo, which they worried about when starting the business. “When we told them we were opening a store, that was immediately the logo our friend suggested,” says Ricky Kazee. “People said it would be fine if we changed the logo by ten percent or more. We were like, ‘are you sure this is okay?’”

“I guess not,” Sara Kazee chimes in.

Ultimately, the couple is more amused by the cease and desist order than troubled. “We’ve gotten a lot of attention thanks to Kraft,” says Ricky Kazee. “It’s actually pretty great that they noticed our little store in Minneapolis.”

The Kazees say that they may host a design competition for a new logo. They jokingly say that the store’s next logo might be inspired by another food brand. “We’ll do a Frito Lay version next,” Ricky Kazee laughs.