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February 23, 2004 // UPDATED 2:59 pm - April 24, 2007
By: Anna Pratt
Anna Pratt

No laurels for you

In Shakespeare's woeful tale of allegiance and fidelity "Julius Caesar" is the live version of the story of chess.

This politically torn kingdom is fraught with rumors. The opponent's pawns are in position, waiting.

It's your move, Marcus Brutus: friend or foe? Will you help us capture the king? Will you save your country? Caesar is now, more than ever, capable of taking the entire board. Checkmate. This is the cost of patriotism and friendship. Check.

Watch the downfall of the mightier-than-ever Caesar, as he's conspired against by the men around him. Check.

Friday-Sunday thru Mar. 14, Friday- Saturday 8 p.m. and Sunday 2 and 7 p.m., Theatre in the Round, 245 Cedar Ave. S., $20. 333-3010.

'The Mineola Twins'

"The Mineola Twins" may sounds like a garbled pronunciation of "Minnesota Twins" (cheer for the Mineola Twins today!), but these doubles -- sisters Myrna and Myra -- have nothing to do with baseball. However, there is fierce competition, between the two of them. Talk about sibling rivalry, if Cain and Abel had been girls! While one dreams of love and marriage, the other never seems to know what she wants. How did the "saintly" and the "rebellious" get so mixed up?

One actress plays both the conservative and the liberal twin, making for some especially interesting battles -- from "true" feminine values to who slept with whom from Eisenhower through the Bush eras. Through pitting their differences and complete hysteria, they learn that they really are twins.

Thursday-Sunday thru March 7, Thursday-Saturday 8 p.m. and Sunday 2 p.m., Loring Playhouse, 1633 Hennepin Ave. S. $17. 343-3390.