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February 9, 2004 // UPDATED 2:49 pm - April 24, 2007
By: Holly Day
Holly Day

Get your wings

Josh Groban is an absolutely amazing baritone with a voice like an angel and hair like a god. He should have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize at the last ceremony in Norway, instead of just performing there, which is where most people got their first look at the "New Boy Wonder of the Voice." Groban's repertoire includes songs sung in impeccable English, French, Italian and Spanish, covering both pop and classical styles.

- Monday, Feb. 9, 8 p.m. The Historic Orpheum Theatre, 910 Hennepin Ave. S. $65-$85. 339-7007.

Little valentines

This is just sweet and pretty and the perfect thing to take your beloved to on Valentine's Day. The Little Angels Folk Ballet of Korea is a wonderful ensemble of 40 singers and dancers, ages 8 to 15. The Little Angels have come together to present a glimpse into the legends and folklore from over 5,000 years of Korean history through music and performance.

The troupe has performed around the world many times over, sharing their stories with both royal courts in private performances and the common man in public ones. The whole thing is absolutely charming and sure to get you on the good side of whomever it is you bring along for the night.

-Saturday, Feb. 14, 7:30 p.m. The Historic Pantages Theatre, 710 Hennepin Ave. S. $20-$35. (651) 989-5151.

Go Method Man mad

It wasn't brilliant or groundbreaking, or even worth seeing twice, but the movie "How High" was definitely a hoot. If you haven't seen it yet, go out and rent it -- if only to see former Wu-Tang Clan member Method Man on the big screen.

The premise of the film is really simple: two stoners (Method Man and Redman) score some pot that makes them so smart they get accepted to Harvard. Of course (and here's the required conflict), they shortly run out of the special batch of wacky tobaccy and are forced to get through the rest of the semester smoking the regular stuff.

It's not Oscar material, but it's a good way to get your giggles out.

The one thing the film does do is let viewers get a glimpse of how funny rapper Method Man can be. I mean, everyone who really sat down and listened to his music knows he's hilarious in a bizarre, through-the-looking-glass kind of way; although, sometimes it's hard to figure out exactly what he's saying due to the noisy bellow in which he delivers his lines.

-Tuesday, Feb. 10, 9 p.m. The Quest, 110 N. 5th St. $20. 338-3383.

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Holly's Picks

Things that make you scream 'Help!'

No matter what terrible things you do to your brain after the show, this is sure to be one night of music you won't be able to get out of your head.

In one night, you get to hear the act (C+C Music Factory, minus the late David Cole) responsible for the Arsenio Hall-inspired "Things That Make You Go Hmmmm . . . " and "Gonna' Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)," not to mention the man responsible for "It Takes Two" (Rob Base), all of which still get played in dance clubs ad nauseum.

I'm sure these people wrote a bunch of other music, too, but what else do you need?

-Sunday, Feb. 15, 9 p.m. The Quest, 110 N. 5th St. $20 in advance, $25 at the door. 338-3383.

Almost-native son

No matter where he lives from this point on, Minnesota will always claim Mason Jennings as one of its own, just like it does Bob Dylan and Garrison Keillor. Perhaps it's because we like to believe there is something in the freezing cold and cabin fever that can inspire great works. And we just can't let someone get away with being creative without pointing out that those two inspiring factors can be found in that someone's body of work, no matter how many years they spend whiling away in tropical paradises after escaping this state.

Whatever the case, it's just good to see Jennings back in town and even more fun to hear him live.

-Friday, Feb. 13, 8 p.m. The Historic State Theatre, 805 Hennepin Ave. S. $22.50. (651) 989-5151.