Letters to the editor

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October 25, 2010
By: Journal readers
Journal readers
Kudos for the new Journal

As residents of NE Minneapolis, we received our first copy of The Journal this weekend and we could not have been more impressed with your publication. The news was relevant, recent and local. The focus on education was refreshing and I appreciated the crime map — I do want to know what’s happening in our neighborhood in that regard. Thank you for offering NE an updated news source that actually provides news that is connected to the residents of our great neighborhoods. We look forward to the next edition!

Beth Rehfuss


A supporter of tougher dog rules

I am in support of stronger regulations for aggressive dogs.

This summer, while walking my dog within two blocks of my Northeast home, we were charged three times by pit bulls. Luckily for us all the attacks were diverted.

I was so shaken up after the first incident that I called Animal Control to ask what they recommend to fend off an aggressive dog.

They said the only sure thing to do is to get a physical barrier between the dog and us by getting into a house or fenced yard, or climbing on top of a car or into the bed of a pickup truck.

In the second incident, I was half a block away and around a corner when I heard the owner yell at the two leashed pit bulls I had seen minutes before. I had just enough time to get us into a nearby fenced yard.

A few weeks later, a pit bull hopped a chain link fence and within seconds was chasing my leashed dog in a tight circle, growling. The owner was nearby and able to get the dog.

Realistically, I can’t count on my luck to continue. I know other dog owners who carry a hunting knife for these encounters and I’ve started to do the same.  

I hope that stronger regulations of these unfortunate dangerous animals will help make the city streets one step closer to feeling safe.

Ann Mueller
Columbia Park


Love for the skyways

As far as I’m concerned, the persons who invented and implemented the skyways in Minneapolis should be canonized!!  One thing I wanted to point out to you which was omitted from the Downtown Journal of September 13 in the article on Skyways, is that Saint Olaf Catholic Church is the only church in downtown Minneapolis (perhaps in the United States — maybe even in the world) which is connected to a skyway and that skyway has access to a parking ramp, hotels, eating places, banks, etc. The skyways are wonderful, especially in this climate, and help make our city unique.

I moved to Northeast Minneapolis earlier this year and am happy to note that the Downtown Journal is expanding into the northeast neighborhoods. 

Rosemary Albrecht


High hopes for the new Journal

Just wanted to let you know that I’m thrilled that you will now be serving NE Minneapolis with your expanded newspaper.

I love the Southwest Journal, and have been disappointed to not have something equivalent after I moved from Uptown to Northeast about a year ago.

I’m looking forward to having The Journal be both a chronicle and builder of community. 

I enjoyed the profiles of Stanley’s and Tiny Planet Produce, and hope you continue to offer stories about creative people and projects. I think that there are many interesting artists working along Central and I would also love to see an article about NE residents who are doing urban homesteading  projects.

Good luck on this new venture.

Pierre MacGillis