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January 26, 2004 // UPDATED 2:43 pm - April 24, 2007
By: Tom Carothers
Tom Carothers

Cold waits for the bus/B>

Holding the paper in his frigid fingers, Skyway News reader Al Gross pointed out, "many of the warming lamps in the bus shelter(s) on Nicollet are missing; particularly those on Nicollet and 5th Street. It makes for an awfully cold bus shelter. Thanks for looking into this!"

In response to Al and others standing at cold bus shelters this winter, Sara Dietrich of the city's communications staff responds:

"All of the bus shelters along Nicollet Mall are equipped with four heating lamps, which provide some heat for folks waiting for buses during the winter months. As you can imagine, the bulbs for these lamps have a relatively short lifespan (they last about two heating seasons). Unfortunately, these can be targets for vandals, since the cages that protect the bulbs can also be damaged by vandalism. In this case, the City of Minneapolis has ordered heating bulbs and several screens for those that need replacing."

The good news: Dietrich said that the bulbs arrived and have been installed in the shelters. She said if you see a bulb is out, call Ray in the city's Public Works Department, 673-5720.

Dietrich also noted that the lamps are paid for as part of a special service agreement with Downtown businesses along Nicollet Mall, "which means these businesses essentially pay for their ongoing maintenance through tax assessments."

Let's just hope the Alberta Clippers stay north of the border for the time being.

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