Drew Peterson: Endless Winter

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October 13, 2010
By: Gregory J. Scott
Gregory J. Scott
For his show opening this Friday at the Gallery at Fox Tax, local printmaker Drew Peterson has shied away from his typically bright, kaleidoscopic overlays of Starburst colors. And why not? Winter’s nearly upon us, Peterson seems to be asserting, and those lovely leaves won’t hang around much longer.

His new paintings and prints, palette-wise, pull almost exclusively form the whites and blanched blues of the approaching doldrums. It’s a surprising change for the artist, one that allows us to focus on his illustration chops without getting bumrushed by color.

Peterson, currently working as a contractor at the Highpoint Center for Printmaking, has pulled his imagery from public domain advertisements of the early 20th century. The strangely sculptural illustrations feel, as the gallery’s statement accurately puts it, “familiar and antique as well as imagined and futuristic.”

Peterson, we hear, is gearing up to apply to some very serious MFA programs this winter, and “Endless Winter” hints at a recently beefed up and diversified portfolio. He’s also booked for a solo exhibition late next year at the Chambers Hotels Burnett Gallery. Both bode well for the young man’s career

Endless Winter
Opening reception Fri., Oct. 15 6¬–10 p.m.
Through Nov. 19
The Gallery at Fox Tax
503 1 st Ave. NE