Excerpts from the first issue of Skyway News

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September 13, 2010 // UPDATED 9:29 am - September 13, 2010
By: Nick Halter
Nick Halter


Top story

‘Models to parade through skyways with Spring fashions’

Page 1: Downtown diary

60 cents an hour

The city traffic engineer was authorized to go ahead with plans to raise parking meter rates from 20 cents an hour to 60 cents an hour. (2010 parking rates downtown range from $1 to $2 an hour).

Page 2

‘Worried? Try worry beads’

Tense? Try a pair of worry beads. Worry beads have been to the eastern man, what aspirin has become to the western man. Even Minneapolis is getting into the act and Audrey’s Boutique in the Northstar Center is leading the way. Worry beads will be on the counter sometime in May.

… If you do not own a strand of worry beads, by all means buy some — they beat wife-beating, dog-kicking and nail biting.

Page 3: advice column

‘Minimize a nose’

Today one doesn’t have to be a raving beauty to be attractive. Cosmetics, plus their proper use, can enlarge eyes which are too small, or minimize a nose which is too large.

Page 4: Skyway Stroll

‘I’m a leg man’

I’m a leg man myself.

Since my so-called retirement last year I’m still hanging my hat in Ad Art Advertising, one of Minneapolis’ oldest printing plans, but spending lots of time on the Variety Club of Northwest, which sponsors the internationally known Variety Club Heart Hospital at the University of Minnesota  … AND … Watching the parade of simply gorgeous dames on the skyway circuit — young, mature and what-have-you, all battery charging, all delightful and all so mini-fashionable.

Sure, that’s what I said.

I’m a leg man myself and go to blazes with the generation gap (or gaps)!

Page 5

‘Princeton man cuts men’s hair’

“You should feel pleased to have a Princeton graduate cutting your hair,” quips Jim Nelson, of Baker Barbers, 145 Baker Building Arcade, to his customers. Nelson graduated from Princeton High School, Princeton, Minn.

Page 6: Dining Around

‘All that for just a sandwich’

Wednesday: A construction worker — white hat and all — was being waited on by a young dark-haired waitress in Walgreen’s, 733 Marquette. He ate his food with obvious relish. Finished, he flashed a smile and left a $1 tip.

The waitress did a double-take. “All that for just a sandwich?”

May well attest to the quality of Walgreen’s sandwiches, good service and pretty waitresses.

Page 10

‘Wigs for men now available’

Quote from Donaldson’s wig seller: “Many employers frown on the longer hair and sideburns for their employees. But these same employees can be swingers after 5 p.m.”

Page 14

‘Driving bus is her thing’

But it is the bus driver, who navigates the city-size bus, who catches your full attention. The driver is a girl and chances are if you wave to her, she’ll wave back. It’s all in a day’s work for Sue Carpenter and it’s part of the Monroe Houses approach to in-city living.