New One Man Minneapolis annointed

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May 24, 2010 // UPDATED 3:48 pm - June 2, 2010
By: May Tobar
May Tobar

Bill Tamlyn was officially named One Man Minneapolis during the ceremony at Pantages Theater on May 22.

The One Man Minneapolis competition seeks to find a man who best represents the Twin Cities in community involvement, intelligence, personality, and fitness.

After submitting a full application, engaging in various interviews and participating in trivia contests, Tamlyn was named One Man Minneapolis by a group of seven judges and the audience present at the event at Pantages Theater.

He was presented with a prize of $5,000, which he split with the nonprofit organization, the Minnesota Reading Corps.

Tamlyn is a freelance writer who specializes in speeches. He also writes for Target. Tamlyn does modeling and acting on the side, and is a devoted father to his 10-year-old son.

As a writer, Tamlyn is passionate about literacy and paired with the Minnesota Reading Corps for the One Man Minneapolis competition. He chose to partner with this organization because of their reach and their positive results across the state of Minnesota. “It is just so important that kids learn to read,” said Tamlyn.

This unique state-wide organization strives to make all children successful readers by the third grade. Starting in preschool, children are taken out of their regular classrooms and are provided with a tutor who works one-on-one with the child to help them learn to read.

The organization has reached more than 14,000 children across the state, and there has been a significant improvement in the literacy rates and testing scores of third graders.

After being named One Man Minneapolis, Tamlyn is planning his own service event for the Minnesota Reading Corps. He plans to hire people to read to underprivileged children and hold a book donation. The service event is still in the process of planning, but will be held at the end of June.

In addition, Tamlyn has been asked to judge the first “One Man Chicago” competition in the fall.

How did Tamlyn win?

“I was authentic and shared my story, and I am passionate about the Minnesota Reading Corps,” he said.