Ballpark bites

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April 12, 2010 // UPDATED 9:37 am - April 12, 2010
By: Sarah McKenzie
Sarah McKenzie

Murray’s Steak Sandwich

What it is: The sandwich — a tribute to the iconic Downtown steakhouse — features sirloin steak and provolone cheese served on a ciabatta roll from Franklin Street Bakery. If you’re feeling like a special splurge or want to impress a date with this treat, this is your go-to sandwich.

What we thought: You might want to bring a book or the newspaper along if you head to Mill City Grill for a Murray’s Steak Sandwich to pass the time. The line will likely be long for this sandwich — one of the early favorites among fans.

Cost: $10.50

Where to get it: Mill City Grill


Veggie Kabobs

What it is: Veggies topped with a tasty pesto sauce.

What we thought: What if you’re a Twins-loving vegetarian? You don’t have as many items to choose from as the carnivores in attendance, but there are some offerings worth noting. The veggie kabobs are a delicious snack. Might want to order two or three skewers if you’re trying to make a meal of them.

Cost: $8.75

Where to get it: State Fair Classics


Kramarczuk’s brats and sausages

What it is: Kramarczuk’s — a Northeast institution for more than 55 years — will be selling brats, Polish and Hungarian sausages at two concession carts.

What we thought: You won’t be disappointed with this choice. The popular sausage company makes the brats and sausages fresh for the games from its East Hennepin location.

Cost: $6.50

Where to get it: Kramarczuk’s


Rex Burger

What it is: The burger is a one-half pound, all beef-burger packed with caramelized onions and pepper jack cheese. It is served on a brioche roll.

What we thought: Burger lovers will have a field day at Target Field. You might want to pair this burger with some Bloomington onion rings. You’ve got to have a big appetite for the Rex. It’s not a good pick for lightweights.  

Cost: $12.25

Where to get it: Hrbek’s


Cheese curds

What it is: Deep-fried cheese curd fans (read: “Minnesotans”) know those little nuggets of goodness taste best hot out of the fryer, preferably from a very busy vendor. Waiting in line not only builds anticipation, it ensures the curds will be at their best: hot, melty and glistening from their dip in oil.

What we thought: So, they weren’t as good as the ones at the State Fair. So what? We’ll give them this: it may not have been ideal cheese curd conditions. A busy home opener crowd might be just what’s needed to get the deep fryer up to peak performance.

Cost: $4.75

Where to get it: State Fair Classics and Hennepin Grille


Tony O’s Cuban Sandwich

What it is: It’s a blend of ham, roasted pork, Swiss cheese and pickles, among other toppings, on Cuban bread.

What we thought: The Tony O’s Cuban Sandwich is destined to be a star at Target Field. The scrumptious sandwich was developed by former Twins player Tony Oliva, the Twins and Sportservice. Oliva made an appearance at an April 1 media food tour at Target Field to promote the sandwich.

Cost: $9

Where to get it: Tony O’s Cuban Sandwiches


Vincent Burger

What it is: You can order the Vincent Burger, a tribute to the famous burger served at the French restaurant on Nicollet Mall, at all six of the Hennepin Grille stands. It’s got an Angus beef patty stuffed with braised short rib and smoked gouda cheese.  

What we thought: Not as juicy as the Rex, but still a great burger.

Cost: $12

Where to get it: Hennepin Grille


Harmon Killebrew Root Beer Float

What it is: The dessert is served up in a frosty mug big enough for two. Killebrew Root Beer is a regional beverage honoring the legendary Twins player Harmon Killebrew. Ken Killebrew created the old fashioned root beer in the 1990s from an old recipe of his father’s that included Minnesota honey.

What we thought: A very satisfying rootbeer float with a generous portion size, so you might want to share.

Cost: $6.50

Where to get it: Town Ball Tavern, the Metropolitan Club and TC Treats


Hot dogs

The Original Twins dog
What it is: The standard dog, made with the same recipe that was used for the hot dogs at the Met. Schweigert Meats is making the four hot dogs at the ballpark.
Where to get it: Several concession stands
Cost: $3.75

Big dog
What it is: Quarter-pound dog, meant to replace the Dome Dog.
Where to get it: The Mill City Grill
Cost: $5.25

Dugout Dog

What it is: An old-fashioned dog in a casing.
Where to get it: Will be sold by retro-garbed vendors.
Cost: $4.50

Dinger dog
What it is: Foot-long version of the original dog.
Where to get it: Hennepin Grille
Cost: $5.50